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pronounced ploem~boem

Engineered mens’ underwear, swimwear and leisurewear.

On jotting down our initials Pb [Preston and Brett], the element symbol for lead [the stuff that a sinker and plumb is made of] leapt out at us and the name Plumbum [Latin] was born. The old adage “put lead in your pencil”, symbolising virility, sprang to mind simultaneously along with the fact that we were on a mission to counteract gravity and provide a functional and flattering lift across the board.

You may ask how men's underwear and swimwear can be engineered.

From November 2005, 43 prototypes later and ongoing research, we believe we have come up with the most innovative and comfortable pouch to hit the global market.

The mechanics of Plumbum underwear and swimwear is simple:
The double-layered, engineered pouch [patent pending] supports, moulds and gently lifts and enhances your genitals with no need to shift your equipment throughout the entire day! Made in a combed cotton lycra-blend to ensure peak performance [from the fabric that is], with a full, cupping back panel to keep your chassis intact. The front rise has also been dropped for maximum effect and sex appeal.

We know that when you take your first pair of Plumbums for a test run, you won’t look back whilst you leave other models standing! You will appreciate the design, labour and time that went into their manufacture and that it will be the first of many to be added to your fleet. Plumbum Engineered is proudly manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cradle your Mankind™

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